An entire category about service? Shouldn't good service just be expected? We think so!

Service in the Dining room

In 2011 the Zagat Guide rated Shiro Restaurant second for service throughout the Southern California guide area. There is good reason. Though it might be your first visit (or your fiftieth) we strive to treat you as if you are family in the best sense of the word. Most nights you will be greeted by Sherrill Bailey. Sherrill came to Shiro as a waitress, became the manager and then an owner).

We have to admit that life is full of unpredictable events and you may find that you are not happy with something -- no matter WHAT it might be. If that happens PLEASE TELL US RIGHT AWAY so that we can correct the problem (no matter how small; if it bothers you, it bother US). If your waiter can't help you, as we said, Sherrill is on the floor most nights and if she is not, there is always a manager who can assist you. We want your time with us to be perfect (even if there might be the chance bump along the way).

Posted to our Facebook page is the following: "We could all learn a lesson in leadership and team work from the owner. She literally and functionally worked the front of the house. The food was spectacular and the attention to detail and service amazing!"

Here are a number of Yelp reviews about the service . . .

"Five stars for service tonight! Everyone treated us so well! And very accommodating."

"Food was excellent and service exemplary. My friends and I came here for my birthday and the waiter was very attentive."

"I was greeted warmly and seated promptly. Service was fantastic! The waiter was attentive at just the right amount."

"This was the best food I've ever had in my life with the best service on top of that."

"The service can't be beat. The host, waiters, and busboys are always very kind and approachable. They make sure that you have a great experience."

"Always our go to date night place. Food and service is always top notch. This is one of the best restaurants in the area. Food is consistent and the staff is friendly. Shiro definitely deserves 5 stars."

"The whole catfish is still amazing and the service impeccable but approachable."

"One of my favorite restaurants and let me say precisely why, it has the wonderful combination of sophistication, fine dining and superb service."

"Besides the delicious food the ambience and excellent service keeps us coming back."

"Shiro's serves the best food in Los Angeles. Service is OFF the Charts! You can't get better food in this city. My favorite story is that while on a trip to Fiji, two Foodies from France were telling us about their favorite restaurant in the U.S. They said we probably never heard of it, it was called Shiro's near Los Angeles."

"The service is great . . . . Really warm, inviting and professional, so much so that it's endeared itself to the town."